Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Merry Christmas!!! and Merry Making...

This weekend was very satisfying. The work of love changes lives... Our lives...

Saturday we had a gathering at Kathy Henry's house (a very full house at that). Mostly people who have shared our journey in the neighborhood for the longest... I challenged people in a short devotion to consider Mary the Mother of Jesus and her willingness to allow God to radically alter the whole of her life so history could be made. Would you let God do whatever so God's good could reshape history in and through you??? And Jesus still knocks at the door of our hearts... Revelations 3...

Sunday was a gathering of LA ST. Prod. The possiblity that God has already let one generation of active members continue in their own course and opened up a new generation of new souls to journey through this community is a real possibility. What that looks like is yet to be seen. It was really good to meet both the old friends from the group and some of the folks who are looking for a context to grow in and through... MAY GOD LIGHT OUR PATH.

Monday InnerChange sponsored one of the "LA Posada" celebrations at the Cambria building. We had a blast being embraced at the heart of a this Annual Christmas celebration that we had a small hand in kindling... that has helped nurtrue a sense of community in that building over the years.

Love is the only power on earth that can change an enemy into a friend. Martin Luther King
We were once enemies of God. Saint Paul

Merry Christmas... the love of God is why I celebrate...

Thursday, December 09, 2004

A copy of a posting from "My New Biblical Diet Blog"

I have been very busy. So I have had less time to stop and share tangilbe meals with friends. But my discipline has made me more aware of those around me that are hungry. The irony that I start reaching for food in response to stress has added a smile to my face; Now it is another reminder to pray for my friends and not just another craving. We pray, "give US this day Our daily bread."

This year I around before the Thanksgiving holiday I prayed for Turkeys. A prayer that comes from having hungry friends. I asked a church contact that had provided Turkeys for Thanksgiving last year... they had already promised the food to others... Latter on they came through with 3 bags of food but no actual turkeys...

Now I am not talking about handing out Turkeys to strangers... but to hungry Friends and Neighbors.

Wednessday night the day before Thanks Giving... I was on the way to celebrate a friends Birthday (a Shout out to David... we are just growing older... and hopefully wiser...) ... Christy who works for APU called me up on Jude's Cell phone and said they had placed a student with an organization... that chose to support the striking Hotel and Restaurant workers in Los Angeles by providng food for the holiday. They came through for them with plenty. They had extra food and 100 extra turkeys to give out.

That same day Dan a friend and past IC intern was visiting with Kathy and Reina in our neighborhood. They were able to go and pick up 15 Turkeys. More than we needed. (I am learning that God can answer prayers without me being part of it; this is the flip side of learning that sometimes God's provision is within my power and responsibility.)

The fun part of this is the "more than enough" that was provided at the last minute for more people than I had thought of... and we still have a couple Turkeys to share... and so it goes...

Thank you God!!!

Thank you Christy for being the unplanned connection for this secrete prayer request. Thank you all who have been involved in being part of this answer to prayer.

When we know those whose needs are greater than what we have to give... it gives us a chance to learn to pray... to cry out to God!

See Isaiah 58...
and Share your food with the Hungry ; )

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Today's Mix

Here is a list of some of what I spun today on my Internet Radio show:

1. Track05 0:35 Martin Luther King
2. Track03 2:26 Blackalicious Arrow
3. NeverGive Up 3:17 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
4. T-BoneSpeaks 0:32 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
5. Standto the Glory 3:49 Ruth Naomi Floyd With New Eyes
6. Gone 3:45 Switchfoot Gone
7. Track07 1:57 RadioHead OK Computer
8. Track01 4:02 Steve Taylor Squint
9. TheNations of the World 1:48 Animaniacs
10. TheyAll Fall Down 5:23 Grits
11. Resplendent 5:02 Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love Audible Sigh
12. Track11 1:07 Hildegard Von Bingen
13. Track06 3:21 Matt Redman
14. Track01 3:52 Staind
15. Zombie 5:06 Cranberries
16. Stuckin a moment you can't get out of 4:32 U2
17. Track06 3:55 Tobby Mac
18. Track28 4:41 Rez XX
19. AnyDay 3:45 Zehnder Breathing
20. The Blind Boys of Alabama a full 30 minutes of Gospel blues

Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Prayer request From Willie

Hello Folks,

Willie has asked for prayer today.

Currently he is a temporary employee. His immediate boss wants to hire him permanently, but it has to be approved by the “powers that be” in their company.

Please pray that they would approve his hire.
The issue isn’t Willie, but that they usually work with temporary people, which is cheaper for the company.
The decision will be made Friday or Monday.
Jude & John... for Willie

My Current Worship Mix

I sent a few friends a copy of my current favorite worship songs. (Let me know if you want one.) What some find surprising is the range of the kinds of music I like. I love all kinds of music... from Tazie, and Jazz, to Gospel and HipHop, from Hard Rock to Munk Music... Track # 9 from the HIPHOP Group Cross Movement is thick with our yearning for our eternal Home. What music draws your heart towards God??? The most important thing is that our hearts and affections are drawn towards God's Embrace. This is what I'll spin on my show this comming Tues.

1. Track 03 4:02 Taize
2. Path of Life 4:47 Ruth Naomi Floyd With New Eyes
3. There is a Redeemer 3:13 Kieth Green
4. Track 03 4:51 Apt Core #2
5. Track 06 3:21 Matt Redman
6. Track 07 3:18 Julie Miller Orphans and Angels
7. Air 4:18 Barry Taylor Love Songs for Underdogs
8. Espiritu Santo Venga Aqui 5:42 Costarica Vinyard
9. Track 09 4:28 Cross Movement
10. Track 11 4:38 John Micheal Talbot Come to The Quiet
11. Tu Primer Amor 4:00 Giovani Aniversaio
12. Track 09 4:19 Forever After
13. Track 03 2:24 Mahalia Jackson, The Greatest Gospel singer In the World
14. Track 09 4:20 Kieth Green
15. Bargin 4:57 Rez XX
16. It is Good 4:47 Beth Meres Tree
17. Multiply Your Love 5:03 Andy Park All I Need