Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Book of Common Prayer

Today like most Tuesdays, I have the privelege of praying for all of InnerChange and our work around the world. All InnerChange missionaries take some time on Tuesdays to pray for our larger movement. Today only two of us could make it to the sceduled time of prayer. Many are away, traveling, on a much needed vacation, or had pressing work this morning.

Since neither Paul nor I had time to prepare for our time of prayer... I thought since he likes "The Book of Common Prayer" as a helpful guide for prayer... I might be able to find it online. Here is a link to what I found...

Mission St. Clare seems to be an Orthodox group who have organized the daily prayers and other helpful resources for the bennefitt of those interested. We found the Morning service helpful today... even though I still prefer the Online Prayer Guide put together by England's branch of Youth for Christ.

What do you do to feed your soul???