Friday, June 24, 2005

Urban Jungle and the Young at Heart

Today on the way back from Pasadena a young man desperate for help begged me to help him with directions. He was on the way to a rehab home in North Hollywood. I tried pointing out the maps available... he said I can't read maps. His anger at not being able to understand the world of words and directions fueled his desperation and undermined his sense of dignity.

Half the world is young... under 15 years old... and the modern world is a challenge to understand and navigate ... even for adults...

He carried religious books with him... but what he wanted both now to get to the rehab and in life was... "Don't tell me, show me".

I am more and more struck by how much change is happening on how the young percieve things... "The Medium is the Massage"... The youth I work with do not remeber much without a visual reference to go along with what I am talking about.

We need a lot more adults not only willing to give directions... but willing to give directions in a manner that the young can absorb. The youth I know and many of the adults are on stimulation overload. They are at the point where they say... I can't figure it out... don't tell me... show me.

I am glad that Jesus said,
"Come and Follow Me"
because I needed tangible demonstrations of
Ways to live, How to live, and Truth to live out of...
... so I can't complain when I am asked... don't just tell me ... Show me...

Monday, June 13, 2005

A quick Update

Thuis week IC has it's annual conference. Pray that we grow as a community in mission... both in wisdom and strength.

Pray for Valerie as her mother Theressa has passed on to the next life. We praise God that the last year of her life she walked with Jesus and her family was strengthened because of this.

July we have Melony & Julio's Wedding -- July 9
and then we have Willie & Gennell's wedding -- July 16 (I will be the pastor for this wedding)

Thank you for your prayers for us...