Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Prayer Walking and What's been Up...

J-rod & I went for a walk in our neighborhood and ran into the following realities... Keep these in your prayers.

There are a number of apartments advertising places for rent. We would like to see Willie get into a Monthly rental situation. He currently paying a lot to rent at a weekly hotel... the best we could find when he returned to LA. Pray for this...

Had fun helping one of Kathy’s neighbors pick some lemons from the lemon tree near the entrance of her apartments. Saw Laura’s brother...

Saw Freddy on the way to school... He hopes to see me latter this evening... He told me that Jorge Meza Sr. had a heart attack while driving Jorge jr. to school... I found out from aunt Gladys that he is currently at White Memorial Hospital on Caesar Chavez.
He is at home and recovering now... but it was a scare.

Saw a neighbor at the Donut shop and she introduced me to her boyfriend. (He likes hiphop so I will be giving her a CD from my radio show to her for him... This is how I have stayed connected to some of my neighbors.)

We had a great time meeting Jessika's parents!!! Happy Birthday again to your Dad...

We finished the Mural at 66th Street ElementryI hope to email a picture out soon to my

Kathy Henry's family came out to visit on Monday. It was a joy to get to know her extended family a little bit.

*I hope to have a yard sale on July 31rst and have begun to collect donations for it. Help with temporary storage until the sale and help with the sale would be welcome. I hope that after the Sale some of the items will help Willie, Jesika, Miriam, Jrod, and I in our learning curve about using Ebay as an additional tool to help raise some funds.

*Mrs. Barajas is hoping that with Alberto’s guidance that we might have a cookout in the late Jose Baraja’s honor (RIP). This too may happen July 31, or in August. There is also the question about putting this together with LA St. Prod.’s annual cookout.

One of our team members, Melanie, needs a stove for her appartment.

*On Monday’s during an early lunch 11:00am-12:00pm at the LAIC office... John TW is leading a story sharing time centered on II Peter 1:3-11 and Mother’s Theresa’s quote, “It is not so important that we do great things, but rather that we do small things with great Love”.

***Burn a candle for 10+ minutes a day... As an invitation to pray, reflect, and be more aware of life and of God.

Thanks for the thanks!!!

Rosie and Liala encouraged me about my weekly webcast. They were listening to copies of old bradcasts that were encouraging to them and thier families. We sow in one season... and reap in another... It is a rare event when a genuine thanks finds it's way back to you.
Thank you for saying thanks. I will continue to do whatever God asks of me... whether or not I see any response from it. It is a gift to see or hear thanks... and very encouraging as well...

Bible Studies to share...

My two favorite passages of scripture these days are II Peter 1:3-11, and I John 1. Some one asked me if I would start a Bible corrospondece coarse with them... I want to do more than just the fill in the blank kind of thing... I want to nurture deep roots that connect with the love of God in people (Psalm 1, Ephesians 3:14-21). Keep me in your prayers as I seek to with integrity find a good sustainable path. Any other seekers out there wanting soul food????

I have been reflecting on the importance of "material culture and media" and I am convinced that we need to produce the stuff of social exchange... this can be something as simple as a letter... remember that the "New Testament" is mostly other peoples mail that we get to read.

Show Mix for Tues.

1. Track 02 3:38 Johnny Cash 4.2 MB
2. Track 08 3:37 Martin Luther King 4.2 MB
3. Track 07 5:21 Switch Foot 6.2 MB
4. Track 02 3:18 Apt Core #2 3.8 MB
5. Say a Little Prayer For You 3:36 Aretha Franklin Best of Aretha Franklin 4.2 MB
6. So Beautiful 4:54 Barry Taylor Love Songs for Underdogs 5.7 MB
7. Beautiful Day 4:08 U2 All that You Can't Leave Behind 4.8 MB
8. Good Religion 2:58 5 Blind Boys of Alabama Spirit of the Century 3.5 MB
9. House of God 2:43 Barry Taylor Love Songs for Underdogs 3.2 MB
10. Colours 3:46 Rez XX 4.4 MB
11. Track 04 4:32 Blackalicious Arrow 5.3 MB
12. Irene 4:13 TobyMac We Are Hip Hope 4.9 MB
13. Track 15 4:06 Cranberries Best Of 4.8 MB
14. Track 03 4:51 Apt Core #2 5.6 MB
15. Track 12 5:38 6.5 MB
16. I'm Gonna Live the Life 2:37 Mahalia Jackson The Greatest Gospel singer In the World 3.1 MB
17. Living in the Land of Palm Trees 3:26 Zehnder A Broken Train of Thought 4 MB

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Today on KR

I have added a link for
Graffiti61 to my blog. I first met this artist at Mosaic.... where he plays bass guitar.

I also am spiining Wayne's Animusic.

Some of the sound track from the Lord of the rings...
and a little Switchfoot just because...
Pluss one haunting song from Nine Inch Nails.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

What's Up...

Today at our community devotions we spent time with Luke 15. Lost, Found... --> Celebration. I came to appreciate more the meaningfullness of celebration rooted in the redemptive story. Jrod's Mom came out to check out LA and shared in our community breakfast and devotions.

Latter tonight and tommorow night we are going to have the Shorack family visiting with the LA team from Venezuela. Tonight they will be at the Cambria building... and tommorrow (Friday evening)they will be at Kathy Henry's house.

The LA Street Prod. Mural at 66th Street Elementry has started well. We have most of the basic background color down. Next we will deepen the colors and start adding the highlights and details. Thanks to one and all that have been helping.

Willie is looking for an appartment that he can rent monthly. He has been paying a lot for a one room appartment at a local hotel because that is all that we could find when he relocated back to Los Angeles.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

LA Fourth of July and the Wild Wild West

Fireworks that would be large enough for a small park were set off on the fourth in my neighborhood. No they aren't legal... so i mostly watched from my window... everyone was out... the police drove by but thir prioity was to get guns off the street... so the celebration went on. It was great to have a number of friends come bye and hang out for the show...

Mural Announcement

Dear Friends,

We Need to finalize the head count for the second LA. ST. Prod. Mural at 66th Street Elementary. Please reply to this email and let me know what days you are available. Please note if you can make a contribution towards lunch. Call me at: 213-413-3397 or page me at 213-470-4432.

What: See attachments for the rough sketch and previous mural and the yet to be painted wall.

When: July 10th, 17th, & 24rth. From 7:50am to 2:30pm

Where: 66th Street Elementary
6600 South San Pedro
LA. CA. 90003

Location map off web: Map to 66th Street Elementry.

Directions From the Bixel entrance Near Downtown LA.
6. Turn on S BIXEL ST - go 0.1 mi
7. Take CA-110 SOUTH - go 1.0 mi
8. CA-110 SOUTH becomes I-110 SOUTH - go 3.8 mi
9. Take the GAGE AVE exit - go 0.2 mi
10. Turn on W GAGE AVE - go 0.4 mi
11. Continue on E GAGE AVE - go 0.3 mi
12. Turn on S SAN PEDRO ST - go 0.2 mi
13. Arrive at 6600 S SAN PEDRO ST, LOS ANGELES

7:50am to 8:15am coffee and sweet bread / pan dulce.
8:15am -- 8:40am Important Instructions and Goals (please do not miss this part!!!)
8:40am --12:00pm Work on Mural
12:00pm --12:45pm Lunch (Sandwiches)
12:45pm -- 2:00pm Work On Mural
2:00pm -- 2:30pm Clean Up and Closing words

Watch for Important Updates on the Web on John’s Blog
Donations contributing to this effort are welcome ; )

It was everybody's birthday party.

This past Thursday we celebrated Mel's Birthday. She kept on finding out that it was (Within a wee or two) also... Inge Lisa's birthday, Paul's Birthday, Roxy's Birthday, Irma & her son's birthday, Willie's Birthday... so Mel who likes to share and doesn't need to feel as if she is the center of attention decided we should turn this into an inclusive event.

It was the biggest barbeque I have ever prepared for and done on my own. We had hot dogs, hamburgers (my mom's special recipe), BBQ Chicken, Ribbs, and Carne Assada.

Remeber It was first Mel's B-day... so I was not doing the inviting to this event...

It was like Babbette's Feast.

The relationship between food and fellowship, community and neighborhood resonated with more life than I have experienced on my block in a long time.

I want to write more about this and add some reflections about a fellowship that was going in australia called "Matthew's Party".

got to go for now...