Monday, February 25, 2013

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 News Letter 

It is very exciting to have reached a goal of turning the need to afford our own textbooks for school into the asset of being able to be book stewards and dealers.  This Newsletter covers some of the details of this progress.

And Here are some prayer Requests:

– Jude's mother loses strength each week, pray for wisdom and encouragement for Jude and her mom. Her brother has lived a year since he was diagnosed with cancer, and is doing fairly well.  Each day is a gift!

–We are praising God,  It is both a joy and a challenge to be granted a whole new level of spiritual authority within our networks. Pray that we would use this trust and authority to strengthen the Body of Christ.  What a privilege and joy it has been to serve God in our small part of LA for almost 20 years...and the grace and work continues...

– For the Book Collective to be learning stewardship well in the face of deep personal need – particularly the disciplines of giving, saving, investing, and thinking in terms of the greatest good rather than just personal need.

– Praising God for the provision of a van!