Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thinking about my small network.

There are a few blogs that are from some friends who have come alongside InnerChange in ministry for a season. Some have continued their blogs. And some have left theirs as a record of their journey with us.

Julia an APU student will be the third APU student who has joined us and served with us as part of their studies at APU. She has just started her journey and her blog: OneUno.

Shauna & Alisha were with us last year. (Alisha’s entry on February 24, 2005 has a link to some great pictures of our neighborhood.)

Ben W served all of Innerchange through his technical skills while living with our San Francisco team.

Kathy is a Companion to InnerChange and has served with us in LA for many years. We are ever so grateful for her presence, giftedness, and passion to serve in this community.

Darren is our fearless editor of InnerChange’s quarterly publication The Inner Voice.

I could Go on and list Ginny the Poet, and JC, Jrod, and others… but my main point is to encourage you to explore my little network here. Some have just started… others have been at this blogging thing longer than I have. Not all are in the same circle of faith and works of Faith that I am in. But all have a voice worth listening to… I will clean up the list in a few weeks. If you have a favorite let me know.

Let’s keep doing this thing called life and learn to center it in the love of God. That’s what I will be seeking to do.