Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dear friends — thank you for your prayers. I do not think that I would have been able to handle seeing the challenges that my dad and my family have to face without your prayer support. We are thankful that the doctors have been able to complete one half of the experimental procedure on my dad’s lungs. He now is able to spend more than one half of the day each day off of the ventilator (breathing machine). Also, during this time of intensified prayer, my sister met a doctor at her church that works at Temple University Hospital, where my dad is. The issues related to my dad’s poor circulation in his legs are now also being cared for by some of the top doctors in Pennsylvania. Please continue to pray for the healing of the hole in his lung and for all that needs to happen for the second half of the procedure to be scheduled and completed.
What is most difficult currently is that my sister (who has a two year old) is the only person consistently visiting my dad, and she is weary. His brother Mickey, who is struggling to beat lung cancer, had been visiting, but his health has worsened and he is not able to visit.
Pray that my dad’s extended network of friends and my half brother and half sister (who just had a baby this week) would find it in their hearts to visit him also.
My dad is the kind of person for whom a simple note or card will mean a lot. If you feel inspired to send a note, you can send it to:

John Watson Sr.
C/O John Watson jr.
PO Box 17367
LA. CA. 90017

Thank you again for your standing with us in prayer.
Grace and Peace,
John TW

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pray for my Dad

If you are reading this blog...

as a request for a minute or two of prayer for my dad on this critical day in his struggle to continue life here on earth. He has a hole in his lungs that is not healing. I spent a week with him before the Fourth of July. He goes on and off a respirator... And is under the care of some of the best lung doctors in Pen. At Temple University Hospital. He has signed up for an experimental procedure. From a medical standpoint... Everything depends on the hole in his lungs healing.

Conversation: John's dad

Hello — we just received a call from John's sister. His dad is finally going to have the one way value procedure today. (This will cut off the flow of air to the area of his lungs that has a leak or could produce one.) The last days have been very difficult, and he has been showing signs of giving up and even moments of feeling very depressed. Please pray for his body and also his spirit and soul, that the procedure would be successful and that God would encourage him today. Please also pray for John's sister Sunday, who is his main social support.
Thanks so much for standing with us in prayer.
John and Jude TW