Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Confessions of a Sabbath Breaker

When I really started resting I went into a mode of being a blob on the couch in front of the tv for hours at a time. I was very glad for the olympics because it gave me something interesting to watch. What was really interesting to me was how hard the atheletes would work at resting between events. Then conviction set in. God had gotten between the edges of my denial. I have this vague memory of Old testament judgement comming down on ancient Isreal leading them into captivity... because of Sabbath breaking... and I too am a Sabbath breaker...

The real today is I am just wanting to read again... the extra learning kind of reading that I have not done for a couple of months. Withdrawl from adrenaline also leads to an emotional bluesy feeling. Not sadness... just a dimmer view of life. Life lacking the deeper sources of inspiration.

It is in stillness that we remember that God is God. Again I resolve to pray more and to let my devotional life lead me into ministry. Slowly back to my Rule of Life. The basics that for mr lead towards integrity.

My mom reminded me recently about the difference between Gold, Silver, and Precious Stones... vs. Wood, Hay, and Stubble. It is a gift of grace to have a mom who speaks the truth in love. God is good, patient and willing to work with us and lead us... times of rest are not optional...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

We've all Gone Fishing

Well I am not really into fishing. I am going to get a vacation this year. 3 Weeks... it is hard to believe... but it is really needed at this point.

A friend will house sit for part of the time.

We will get to visit with Jude's father and have some extended to for rest, prayer, and reflection.

Jrod is back in Texas. He was a precious gift to us this summer. Love always is a gift when given. He really chose to get to know and to love some of our neighbors in LA. Left part of his heart here in the process. He said he would continue his blog as a way to stay in touch with us out here.

Rikkel has her own plans to get some rest... and said that she too will continue her blog as a way of sharing with her network friends.

Miriam and Jesika have signed up for a year of intensive discipleship at the Nehemiah house. A year of community living and Christian service in Pico-Union with a local Evangelical Free Church. The luanch started today with an urban plunge experience. Visiting various sites in the city in the early hours of the morning (starting at 4:30am) to learn more about LA as a city, to witness some of the realities of this area, and to pray.

Kathy Henry will be at her faithful post a Clinica Oscar Romero.

Paul is still figuring out what these 3 weeks will look like for him.

And so it goes...

Still Knocking on Heaven's door

Well It seems like my dad is bravelyfacing the news that he probably has lung cancer. Having survived a stroke 6 years ago... he has accepted every day as a gift from God. He also wants to live every day God has for him on this earth. Both the Tiersma's and the Watson's are perservering people. Even in the toughest circumstances we remember the resurection of
Christ and know that nothing is impossible for God.

So keep both families in your prayers.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Knocking with Faith on Heaven's Door

Jude (my wife) sent this email out today. Her Father Mark has been doing quite well for just having a cancerous kidney removed. Now the cancer is back so he is scheduled for 14 radiation treatments in the next 3 weeks. Mark wants to live out his life to the very end well. He is asking God for the grace of more time and healing. He also is grateful for all the years of life that God has given to him.

Jude writes:

"Hello All — Just a brief note to let you know that the test results have come back for my dad and the news isn’t too good. He has a malignant tumor the size of nickel in his brain. There is fluid/swelling around it that concerns the Doctors -- “leaking” -- whatever that means. He has started 14 days of radiation, and after that (in three weeks) we will know more.
That’s all I know right now.
We knew after his kidney was removed that there were cancer cells they couldn’t get, so this is not a complete surprise. But it is sooner that any of us expected. My mom said that they read in the gospel of John this AM, and that dad’s faith is strong and steady, which helps my mom a lot, and me too. Pray also for my siblings to really see my dad’s faith in this, and that God would touch and soften their hearts through this.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Jrod's Mix

Jrod will be doing my webcast to record some of his thoughts, memories and reflections from spending a summer with us in LA. It will be strong on the music and impressionistic side. Here is the mix list for next Tues:

Jarod’s MIX

1. Crazy 4:38 Mercy ME
2. Love is the Movement 5:10 Switchfoot
3. Vejea Speaks On Poverty 0:37 Soul Jahz The Fault is History
4. Multiply Your Love 5:03 Andy Park All I Need
5. New York 5:30 U2 All that You Can't Leave Behind
6. Power of Love 5:08 Barry Taylor Love Songs for Underdogs
7. Red Dirt Road 4:20 Brooks & Dunn
8. They All Fall Down 5:23 Grits
9. Walk by Faith 3:58 Jeremy Camp-Worship Project
10. When I Flow 4:18 Cross Movement
11. T-Bone Speaks 0:32 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
12. The Nations of the World 1:48 Animaniacs
13. House of God 2:43 Barry Taylor Love Songs for Underdogs
14. Only Hope 2:54 Caedmon's Call
15. Closure 4:11 Chevelle
16. Poetry 4:03 Pat Green
17. Spoken For 4:09 MercyMe
18. Aircraft 0:37 WW II AIRCRAFT