Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To All My Friends who are tempted to think with the wrong Head

To All My Friends who are tempted to think with the wrong Head... This is a letter 4 U.

History is in the making. Mothers and Fathers... Who will or will not have self-control. Children need Faithful Fathers and Mothers...

Choices and consequences. There is life after the big wow. A history to live with...

Porn feeds off of the lack of the real in terms of intimacy and relationship. It can also leads to a very lonely life... If one can not trust oneself... Why should anyone trust you??? No Trust = No real Intimacy.

I don't want to be pimped nor do I want to see my friends pimped... nor my family, nor my Culture.

As KRS One Says, There is no such thing as just making love, instead we should say... "making life"...
both history and the children that become part of it through our actions are real and can never be earased.

Fantasy is just that. There are no actions without consequences. Our thought life will lead to actions.

Like I have always said... God made us male and female and knows all about Sex... It was God's idea... God made what is good in Sex good. Then he gave us some guidance aboout what good looks like... If you ignore this advice and try to use Sex beyound what it intended for... you will suffer the consequences of your thoughts and actions.

Like in bowling there can be a significant time gap between a choice and the consequences. Sometimes a 9 month or more time gap...

Do not tell me I am against good sex. Have you ever read... "Song of Solomon"? Some of you will never know real romance because you became a slave to lust... and never learned what true love is about. Time to go back and learn before it is too late.

Real friends tell the truth to real friends. When they get burned they do not lie about it... Keep it real people.

Keep the Love Real,

Thursday, November 16, 2006