Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Monday, April 26, 2004

A response to Dry Bones April 25, 2004

Watchout dear friend... you might be on the edge of a Hebrews 11 ride. Faith is a futurama full of hope in a twisted world... and you know me... I mean faith that doesn't run away or hide from these LA Streets... The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love --
Gal. 5:6b, II Peter 1:3-11.

Is that too much high context Bible thumping for you???

Than try this thought...

Quiet confidence is at the root of real inner strength.


Even a child can not learn to tie his or her shoes without the confidence that says I can do this...

I am more than the events arround me and the preasures of the world that try to shape me -- I can choose to love somebody today anyway... And this somebody includes loving myself.

Poem of the Month

Serving Love
must be patient at the roots

to Come
to Hear
to Care
to Serve
to Love

It all takes time.

It takes time to Come and follow Jesus
It takes time to Listen to a friend, a neighbor, or a stranger
It takes time to Care from the heart
It takes time to Serve with Love.

It all takes time.

Remember those who have loved and served you...
They gave
a part of their life
away to you.

Serving Love
must be patient at the roots

to Come
to Hear
to Care
to Serve
to be present.... enough to Love

It all takes time.

by JAW 4/04

Saturday, April 24, 2004

It is amazing what a few days of real rest and reflection can do.

I spent a few days at my brother in-laws house.

Proverbs 24 became a very important text for reflection for me.

I have been challenged to pay attention to the flow of knowledge, Understanding, and wisdom...
Intergenerational thinking requires knowing clearly what you are passing on to other... where it is coming from and where it needs to go. This is all of our responsibility... but for me it is my life work. To continue in the tradition of the witness given for generations through those faithful to God -- I John 1.

There are particular truths. There are particular people who have shaped me. Their wisdom, understanding, and knowledge needs to be not just thought about but imbodied in a life -- my life. I am responsible to carry "my load" of life's work in my generation. Pray for me... I will write more about this another time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Play List for Today! A KRS ONE Feature

Tuesday on my internet radio show I hope to spin a lot of KRS One and reflect on "Conscious HIPHOP". And make the Challenge that we need to go futher than that to a total redemption of culture / Sub-Culture... towards what I would call "Holy HIPHOP".

Tues. 4/20/04 Hyperesthesia Show JAW1

1. Tears 5:46 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
2. Track 01 0:14 KRS ONE Kristyles
3. Track 10 4:13 KRS ONE Kristyles
4. Good Bye 3:31 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
5. Believe It 3:59 KRS ONE Prophets Vs. Profits
6. Track 20 5:39 KRS ONE
7. Never Give Up 3:17 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
8. T-Bone Speaks 0:32 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
9. The Struggle Continues 5:47 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
10. The Conscious Rapper 4:12 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
11. You Really Don't Want It 3:29 KRS ONE Prophets Vs. Profits
12. Track 03 3:44 KRS ONE Kristyles
13. Womanology 2:01 KRS ONE Prophets Vs. Profits
14. Track 08 1:31 KRS ONE Kristyles
15. Take Your Tyme 3:15 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
16. Track 07 2:28 KRS ONE Kristyles
17. Trust 2:57 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded
18. Know Thy Self 5:07 KRS ONE Spiritual Minded

Monday, April 19, 2004

What Today has been about.

I had a great mentoring time with Rikkell. We both find II Peter 1:3-11 nourishing to the soul.

Willie is working on trying to get a job through Chrysalis. Anyone have some job leads here in LA let me know. I have friends who are looking for work.

It is a hard reality to see... but Willie and I have been witness to the fact that 5 years of street living here in LA has been harder on many people that we know than 5 years of Prison in a State Prison.

My friend Joe is on a mission to relocate to Las Vegas Nevada and he asks for prayer in this big jump... "That God will help him settle and stay on 'Channel Real'"

I will be doing some toutoring latter today.

I also hope to hang out with some of the next crop of jr. high guys in my neighborhood tonight.

Tuesday on my internet radio show I hope to spin a lot of KRS One and reflect on conscious HIPHOP. And make the Challenge that we need to go futher than that to a total redemption of culture... towards what I would call "Holy HIPHOP".

Friday LA Street Productions had a very important meeting. It was a landmark in my mind about our journey together. We recommitted ourselves to both encouraging each other to grow and acknowledged that God has been a significant part of the journey for all of us. It also looks like we will be doing a new mural this summer.

And so it goes...

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Musings from the bottom floor.

Today I went with a friend to check out Chrysalis. An agency that is all about seeking to connect folks with a job and the dignity of work. We all need to contribute to life somehow... and deserve respect for doing so...

In my short walk from their office 4 blocks to our subway I witnessed:

A crack addict craddling in his hands a few pieces of crack.
3 people with items that could be used as weapons in their hands.
Over 15 people limping, using a walker, crutches, or a wheel Chair.
Cigerettes by the box for sale.

...Plenty expressions of struggle and too few people smiling.

This past Friday the LA Mission had their Bi-annual foot washing and foot-care for the homeless. I am glad that it continues without me. I had my hands full with other responsibilities. Foot care is a great basis to meet and connect with those out on the streets and struggling. I have friends on the streets who remember me for doing something as simple as providing them with a pair of clean socks... (not as a hand out, but as a friend).

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

This is what's Up with me. What's Up with You?

LA California is a hard place to return to when you have been down for time in a state prison. I just brought a friend home from Avanol State prison. We have found a spot to rent weekly while he looks for work. The job market is competitive. So it is hard to feel like one is not scraping the bottom of the barrell... Courage for some starts with just trying again and again and not giving up.

I have a young friend that has just transfered to Virgil middle School. In 7th grade he was a straight A student. He called me and expressed very articulately why he found the school depressing and unmotivating in every way imaginable. He wants to learn and says that he feels that the way things are set up at the school creates failure. "My teachers -- unlike the other school -- are not teaching me anything John". How does someone get to the place where he can learn... in a bad learning environment??? And what is my role in this journey???

I am on a new growth curve that is pushing me to pray and journal or more. I have to plow for more depth. There is no putting this off until latter without consequences. Keep me in your prayers.