Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Story of Stuff

I am finding that there is a growing desire among my friends to find an alternative to this narrative. THE STORY OF STUFF ... AND many of them find Acts 2:36-47... A far more attractive narrative to live into.

Pray for us in Los Angeles. A major Import / Export city...

A friend of mine... Lyndy sent me this email...

"If you are a lady in the LA area, this email is for you, if not, please disregard this email....

My church is having a Clothing Exchange this Saturday, June 26th from 2-4pm. I wanted to invite you all to attend.

Bring clothes to donate and hopefully someone else will take it home with them and you can take whatever you like as well. It is a good way to clean out our closets and re-use things. (think this is perfect in line with our creation care in learning community.) Something you are tired of might be someone elses new gem.

If you can not make it, but would like me to donate clothes, please bring it to Tuesday prayer or give me a call so you can drop it by my place this week and I will take it on Saturday.

I will be going early around 12 pm to help set up, so see you there.


Kairos Hollywood (building we share with Hope International Church)
4903 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90027"

This is just one example of this impulse...

A good friend of mine Evelyn has a website called: EarthCaringArt.com
She has pursued and built this website out of her own passion for "Creation Care".

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